How things work

When you come in for your session you will pay the session fee.

After your session you will make your viewing and ordering appointment which will be 7-10 days after the session. When you come in you will view your images on my computer and narrow down your selection. Please bring everyone with you that plans on ordering if possible. Children are welcome but keep in mind they may distract you and may make it more difficult to order.

During this ordering appointment you will choose what you want to order. I offer prints or digitals. Prints are from a custom professional lab and the best quality possible. If you order digitals to print on your own I ask that you print from a lab I recommend and not from local places like Walgreens. I also offer professional printing at a discount after digitals are ordered.

After you order, your prints or digitals will be ready in 2-3 weeks. 1/2 of your balance is due at your ordering session and the balance is due when you pick up.

You are required to come in to view and order. Images cannot be emailed.